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Welcome to our Spring Hills website. We are a small boutique breeder of the Australian Cobberdog. We chose this breed because of the extraordinary connections they make with their owners. Over many generations, our Australian Cobberdogs have been selectively bred to have the desired traits of; 

  • strong human-focus and connection 
  • calm and centered demenour 
  • emotional warmth 
  • intelligence
  • sustained eye contact
  • high intuition (reading emotional states well) and,
  • high aptitude for training 

We diligently continue to make this our primary focus and this is what makes our Australian Cobberdogs unique. Lots of people breed delightfully pretty puppies, of varying breeds, our difference is we are dedicated to breeding unique high quality companion animals appropriate for therapy or service work. 

The Australian Cobberdog, for many generations now, has it's own unique genetic blueprint and is an identifiable and registered breed. The amazing characteristics they have for a companion therapy dog or service dog also make them terrific family pets. They suit individuals, families and therapeutic settings (nursing homes, educational settings, health settings and companion therapy animal use). They are well suited for homes with a child with a developmental disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder. They can also help to ground and soothe homes where individuals experience significant anxiety. Their high intuition means they read emotional states well and adapt their behaviour. With training they can learn to soothe specific difficult emotional states. Australian Cobberdog coats are no to low shedding, low allergenic and low odour. This makes them an ideal companion and means less hair and less housework, which we all appreciate! Coats can be straight. wavy or curly. We presently breed medium and standard size. 

Australian Cobberdogs are goofy and have a great sense of fun. They are carefully bred for minimal aggression and are very good with other pets. They enjoy nothing more than spending time with you and being a part of the family. I should add they really are not sit and forget backyard dogs. Their preference is to be inside with the family and they will give you love, loyalty, companionship and a life time of belly laughs in return. The puppies we carefully and selectively breed have exceptional pedigree, as we are committed to responsibly contribute to the development of this breed. The parents of our puppies have had exhaustive health testing, including sophisticated DNA​ breed profiling for genetic health conditions and coat testing. This ensures
you a healthy puppy with a very good 
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The Origins of the Australian Cobberdog

Importantly, the Australian Cobberdog name was primarily introduced to be able to identify dogs of a new breed.

The Australian Cobberdog has been developed by a core group of foundation breeders, who have as their primary focus, the health and temperament of the dogs whilst striving toward the long term vision for the breed.

Foundation breeders have made many hard decisions to ensure the health, predictability of temperament, characteristics and management requirements of their breed have been optimised. For the Australian Cobberdog, it is all working towards a canine companion that is more reliably suited to Service, Therapy and Assistance work. It's ancestors have been selected for what they were able to contribute to make the breed happen. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Australian Cobberdog was accepted as a new breed in development in January 2012 by the Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA) a worldwide breed registry.

Sometimes people ask me about the origins of the Australian Cobberdog and what breeds contributed in the early developing stages. I think people ask this because familiar breeds are like a reference point. However, entering into these discussions detract from the Australian Cobberdog having it's own identity. The Australian Cobberdog, as a recognised breed, is now best understood as a breed that has it's own unique recognisable characteristics. Spending time describing contributing breed ancestors and their characteristics is no longer relevant and also does not do the Australian Cobberdog justice. To understand the breed you need to recognise the breed characteristics, as represented today. 

The Australian Cobberdog is it’s own unique breed and importantly, the breed characteristics of the Australian Cobberdog include; 

-  strong human focus
- emotional warmth
- high inuition
- high intelligence
- a high aptitude for training
- sustained eye contact
- a goofy sense of humour, and a 
- low to no shedding      

   hypoallergenic coat

Owners of Australian Cobberdogs know this is the unique Australian Cobberdog!


General information 

​Whar is a breed Standard ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Why is the Australian Cobberdog governed by
the purebreed registry, the
Master Dog Breeders and Associates? 

The Australian Cobberdog is a registered breed in development with the Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA), a worldwide purebreed registry. Importantly, the MDBA has been entrusted with overseeing the continuing development of the Australian Cobberdog since 2012. There are now over 70 Australian Cobberdog breeders worldwide. Having the breed registered, and overseen by a governing body with thorough regulations, is a necessary step to ensure a new breed continues to develop. 

                 How can I be sure I am getting a true 
                          Australian Cobberdog?

I think buyers can quite understandably get a bit confused by different information they read, especially here in Australia where some opinion and website content has not kept up with the status and progress of the breed. 

The breed has now moved on from being controlled by one or two breeders. It is the MDBA, and all the 70 Australian Cobberdog breeders within, who now own the development of the Australian Cobberdog.

It is simple, if a dog has been accepted for registration as an Australian Cobberdog with the MDBA it is YOUR  GUARANTEE it is in fact a legitimate Australian Cobberdog. Full stop. The MDBA is the authority of this breed. The MDBA  issues all pedigrees. 

A Contemporary Approach  

Contemporary breeders value collaboration and are committed to working together, with the MDBA, to get the best outcomes for this exciting new breed.  We think it is this collaboration and forward thinking that will ensure the Australian Cobberdog has a very bright future. 

​​When you buy one of our Spring Hills  Australian Cobberdog puppies he or she will be registered with the MDBA. Our member number is 121167. 

Breed Advisory Committee 

Renae is proudly on the MDBA Australian Cobberdog Breed Advisory Committee, helping to positively influence the development and future of the Australian Cobberdog breed. 

                  What is a Breed Standard? 

A breed standard is an official  set of guidelines used to describe the ideal characteristics, temperament, and appearance of a breed and ensures that the breed is fit for function.  The Australian Cobberdog  breed standard was recently updated by the MDBA Australian Breed Advisory Committee, and approved by the MDBA Board, December 2018. This breed standard is what all we breeders must be working towards. 
It goes far beyond individual breeder opinion and is a shared goal that ensures breed predictability. 

What are Bloodlines? 

A bloodline is a dog’s lineage. The direct family members that have gone before it. The Australian Cobberdog had a very good start many years ago with early founder bloodlines. It is now an exciting new breed with many competent, experienced and dynamic breeders directly contributing to it’s development. Breeders look for the best available Australian Cobberdog bloodlines, old and new, when deciding on breeding pairs that continue to advance the breed. 

At Spring Hills we prioritise temperament and health with every decision we make, because this is the cornerstone of a terrific companion animal. We make decisions  that ensure a good quality of life for the canine companion, and also what individuals and families require for a loving addition to their family. A true Australian Cobberdog.